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Enjoy a Refreshing Day at the Spa  

Feel refreshed and take years off your skin with our customized treatments designed for both men and women.
Woman at the Spa

Advanced Rejuvenated Facials

Our facials provide a range of benefits, including slowing down the aging process, promoting healthy skin, and reducing imperfections. Choose from our diverse selection of facial treatments tailored to meet your specific skin needs.
Woman getting a facial
Express Pick Me Up Microdermabrasion Treatment 
30 min       
A deep pore cleansing facial is designed to purify the skin.
CA $105
Acne Prone Skin Deep Pore Cleanse
1hr 15mins
A customized facial just for your needs. 
CA $150
Hydrating Calming Facial
Perfect for rosacea, sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. 
CA $150
Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Facial
Helps reduce fine lines, even out skin texture and tone. Improves Hydration an ideal treatment 1-2 days before special event.
CA $165
Microdermabrasion & Osmosis Vitamin A Infusion Facial
Restores elasticity, evens out skin tone, diminishes fine lines. 
CA $180
1hr  15min
Oxygen Infusion
LED Treatment  

1hr  30min
This powerful trio facial treatment, replenishes loss of oxygen and restructures skin. Visibly plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.
CA $225
RF & No-Needle Mesotherapy Facial 
1hr  30min
A non-invasive procedure that tightens and lift skin, has anti aging effect on wrinkles and boosts collagen .
Note: This service is  not suitable for clients with pacemaker, implants,pregnancy/breastfeed, and severe heart disease
CA $245

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