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Sensitive Skin Care Kit

Sensitive Skin Care Kit



Experience the soothing embrace of our trial size skincare kit designed specifically for sensitive, rosacea, or acneic skin. Restore your skin's balance and find relief from dryness, irritation, and inflammation.


This set includes Purify, Rescue, Stemfactor, Infuse, Quench, and Lip Balm, offering a healing and comforting solution for your skin concerns. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to calm, nourished skin, in a perfect size for travel. 

  • How to Use

    Step 1: Cleanse skin with Purify.

    Step 2: Apply 1 pump of StemFactor and gently massage into skin.

    Step 3: Combine a small amount of Infuse (3-5 sprays) with 1 pump of Rescue and gently massage into skin.

    Step 4: Moisturize skin with 1 pump of Quench.

    Step 5: Apply Pure directly onto the lips, rubbing together to disperse product.

    Step 6: Enjoy skin that feels calm and comforted!

  • Tips

    Our Deluxe Trial Sets feature an airless pump component. Slowly depress the pump 3-4 times to load the product into the pump. 

    Our Deluxe Trial Kits are perfect for weekend get-a-way’s or to keep at the office to do a mid-day skin refresh! 

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