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Renew Advanced Retinal Serum 30ML

Renew Advanced Retinal Serum 30ML


Achieve flawless skin with our retinal facial serum. This powerful formula targets aging, uneven, and dry skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Winner of the 2023 Aestheticians' Choice Awards for Favorite Retinol Serum, it contains 9 collagen stimulators and 7 potent antioxidants. Rejuvenate your complexion with this sun-safe vitamin A serum that promotes cell renewal and firmness.

  • How to Use

    On clean skin, apply 1-2 pumps morning and/or evening. Spritz Boost or Infuse Mist and gently massage into skin. Follow with additional serum(s) and moisturizer if needed. 

  • Ingredients

    Rentinaldehyde (vitamin A) 1,3 Beta Glucan,Palmitoyl Tripepetide-38 (synthe-6) Hyaluronic Acid

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