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Correct Preventative Retinal Serum 30ML

Correct Preventative Retinal Serum 30ML


Discover the transformative benefits of Osmosis MD Correct Preventative Retinal Serum. This advanced serum combines hydration and restoration for a more youthful complexion. With 9 collagen simulators and 7 antioxidants, it offers UVB protection and repairs the skin's barrier. Ideal for addressing sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, it is suitable for dry, aging, normal, and combination skin types. Reveal a rejuvenated, hydrated, and radiant appearance with this powerful retinal serum.

  • How to Use

    How to use:  On clean skin, apply 1-2 pumps morning and/or evening. Spritz Boost or Hydrate mist and gently massage into skin. Follow with additional serum(s) and moisturizer if needed.

  • Ingredients

     Retinaldehyde, Hyddroxyproline (L), Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Caprooyl -Tetrapeptide-3 (Chronoline).

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