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Microblading $500

Includes: Initial Procedure + One Free 5-6 week touch up and Free after care package.

How long does the microblading procedure take?

The initial procedure will be 2 - 2.5 hours. This includes numbing time and procedure time.

Ideal for normal to combination skin types. Life cycle 1-2 years. It is recommended to get a colour boost after 1 year to keep brows fresh.

For tools, we only use a disposable single use microblading pen, pre-sterilized with expiry date showing. 

Microblading maintenance appointment can be: 6 to 12 months after the Initial Microblading for $250.

Ombre Powdered Brow $425

Powdered brows are created using either an electric hand tool or a manual tool, which creates a soft powdered fill in effect that resembles eyebrow powder. Ideal for all skin types. Best suited for clients with oily skin and /or very minimal hair as it creates density and gives the illusion of fuller brows. PMU machine and pen with needle cartidge is used for this service.

Life cycle 1-3 years. It is recommended to get a colour boost after 1 year to keep brows fresh.

Combination Brows (Microshading) $550

Microshading is the combination of creating hair strokes and adding shading to create more of a filled and 3D look.

Brows Microbladed

A 30 minute in person consultation is required before your Initial Microblading or Ombre Powder brows appointment. During the consultation your technician will discuss with you the overall procedure and explain everything you'll need to know.

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a hand method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows, which creates extremely fine and natural looking hair strokes. This technique is a unique process tailored to benefit individuals who desire brow definition, to cover gaps of lost hair, to extend an area, or full reconstruction if the brows have little to no hair.

Brows Microbladed

How Does Microblading Work?

The pigment gets applied with a specific tool that has a row of several fine needles to create thin, hair-like marks on the skin. Your artist will choose the needle and blade type according to the technique and your skin type. The pigment is bladed just below the epidermis and the shallowest part of the dermis, making natural-looking hair strokes. A natural result is achieved as the hairs get bladed into the skin, according to the direction of the natural hair growth.

How long does Microblading last?
Depending on your skin type and care, the pigment will fade slowly over 18 months.

Is Microblading painful?
An anesthetic is applied during the treatment to keep pain at a minimum, so it is completely tolerable.


Brows Microbladed

Microblading Healing Timeline

Your eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. A true reflection of healed color can only be assessed 3 to 4 weeks after treatment. Touch-ups or correction of the shape and design is recommended at least 5 weeks after the initial treatment. Your eyebrows will go from too dark to too light to just right. Immediately after the procedure, the pigment is still seating on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. The healing process might give you the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly. However, this is just a superficial color, and dry skin is naturally removed from your eyebrows. Your eyebrows will be the lightest tones during days 5 to 12 because the color gets absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Later, skin cells push it back to the upper layers. Once the healing is completed, you will enjoy your beautiful new brows.

What Happens During the Microblading Touch-Up?

During your touch-up, the artist will fill missing hairs, add or make hairs longer, or adjust achieve a darker colour.

What Are the Differences Between Permanent Makeup (PM) and a Tattoo?
PM is a process of implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of skin that is visible to all and is constantly shedding and renewing itself. The process of cells turnover makes colors fade. The tattoo process deposits the pigment into the second layer of the skin, the dermis. The cells of the dermis are far more stable than the cells of the epidermis, so the tattoo's ink will stay in place, with minor fading and dispersion throughout someone's entire life

Are there any pre-existing conditions that interfere with consideration for a Microblading treatment?  Pregnancy/breastfeeding. If you have tendency to keloid, birthmarks or moles.
Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders
Circulatory disorders (doctor's note is required)
Any bleeding disorders
You're taking blood thinning medication
Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait until 6 months after treatment ends)
If any skin diseases symptoms or irritation appears on the area.
You've recently had Botox or Disport treatment (must wait 2 months)
Old PMU results cannot be guaranteed
You have a broken capillary in the eyebrows area
If you have a sunburn.

After chemical peels (must wait two weeks)

After Care Instructions will be given to you upon completion of the service.

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